Bank Yudha Responsible ‘Sentilan’ BPK About LLL Problems

Bank / 8 May, 2020

Bank Yudha Responsible 'Sentilan' BPK About LLL Problems

Bank Yudha Responsible ‘Sentilan’ BPK About LLL Problems

PT Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk claims to have resolved the issue of the maximum lending limit (BMPK) and write-off books on loans encountered last year.

This statement is in line with the statement of the Supreme Audit Board over the supervisory function carried out by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on banks mentioned in the Semester Examination Results (IHPS) II / 2019.

“The settlement of the LLL problem and write off the credit book has been clearly and clearly described in the financial statements of Bank Yudha Bhakti in the 2019 fiscal year audited by the Kanaka Public Accountant Office (KAP), Puradiredja Suhartono (a member of Nexia International) with a reasonable opinion in accordance with the Standards Financial Accounting in Indonesia, “said Bank Yudha’s official statement, Friday (8/5).

According to the official statement, the company is currently in the process of realizing the results of the AGM last year, namely adding capital in the first half of 2020, to be able to upgrade to become a Commercial Bank Business Group (BUKU) II.

This is done through the mechanism of Limited Public Offering III (LPO III) or Pre-emptive Rights (HMETD) to shareholders

At present, the top three majority shareholders in PT Bank Yudha Bhakti, namely PT Akulaku Silver Indonesia with a share ownership of 24.08%, PT Gozco Capital at 21.76%, and PT ASABRI (Persero) with 20.13%.

Previously, the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) indicated that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) did not conduct banking supervision in accordance with the provisions. Among others, against PT BTN (Persero) Tbk, PT Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk, PT Bank Banten, PT Bank Bukopink Tbk, and PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, including PT Bank Mayapada Tbk.

Agung said the OJK also did not conduct supervision in accordance with the provisions concerning the problem of writing off credit books at Bank Yudha Bhakti. He said the resolution of Bank Yudha Bhakti’s credit limit (BMPK) was not in accordance with the bank’s commitment based on the results of the OJK examination.

“There is a risk of violation of the provisions on credits carried out for write off (at Yudha Bhakti Bank),” Agung said in the 2019 Semester Examination Results (IHPS) II, quoted Tuesday (5/5).