Cash loan with ID CARDS capital

Loan / 9 September, 2019

Cash loan with ID CARDS capital

In fact, this loan is not much different from ID CARDS. Website QQIBS Terpercaya , Only the main requirement required is a resident card or (ID CARDS).

This loan product is on average facilitated by fintech startup companies as well. The loan ceiling is also varied, but generally only a maximum of Rp. 10 million. Hence, this loan is more useful for those who need emergency funds in quick time.

How to apply is also easy, you can submit it through the lender’s website. And in a matter of days the money is already disbursed.

But the interest expense they apply is very diverse. There are sites that charge 1 percent per day, some 3 percent per month, and so on.

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Those are the six types of cash loans available in Indonesia. Each loan certainly can not be equated, and has a different designation.

Those who need funds for consumptive needs can then apply for a ID CARDS, credit with collateral, or a ID CARDS cash capital loan. But if you do business, you can apply for business loans or loans using P2P Lending.