Corona Kikis the Australian Economy IDR 37.7 Trillion per Week

Financial / 6 May, 2020

Corona Kikis the Australian Economy IDR 37.7 Trillion per Week

Corona Kikis the Australian Economy IDR 37.7 Trillion per Week – The Australian economy is stricken because it has run out of AU $ 4 billion or equal to IDR37.7 trillion per week during the corona virus endemic. Not only that, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is estimated to fall 10 percent in the second quarter 2020.

The problem with the corona virus is then facing shrinkage in Australia. The current problem of co-19 also slowed to a single digit and especially to nothing in some areas of the Kangaroo State.

However, the shrinkage in the number of problems is not directly proportional to their economy. Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg said the authorities’ policies in fighting the corona virus distributed a sharp punch to the economy.

“For each week when lockdown is conducted, the Financial Department has speculated that nearly AU $ 4 billion is decreasing. This is a mixture of reduced activity, reduced production power, and reduced consumption,” Frydenberg said, taken from AFP on Tuesday (5 or 5). ).

The Australian Statistics Office (ABS) tells the unemployment rate when it reaches 7, 5 percent. The percentage is comparable to 700 thousand workers from near 13 million active activities there.

It is known that one third of the workers in a hospitality factory are attacked due to very poor because they are obliged to run out of their profession. Not only that there are also 27 percent of people in the art zone and sightseeing who are attacked by termination of activities (PHK).

ABS also revealed 31 percent of families in Australia facing a financial situation that worsened the impact of the co-19 endemic.

The Australian Financial Department had speculated that the unemployment rate would double up to 10 percent in the middle of this year. That is, 1, 4 million people will run out of professions.

On the same day, the Australian Essential Bank (RBA) kept interest rates at 0.50 percent. In March later, Australia was free to cut interest rates to 0, 25 percent or almost zero percent.

Australia alone wrote more than 6,800 positive problems Covid-19. A total of 5. 859 patients claimed to improve and 96 people died.