Look for the highest deposit interest

CARD DEBT, credit card / 13 September, 2019

Banking endapan products are still the peoples kesukaan choice to breed funds even though interest rates are getting smaller. For those World Health Organization want to go into deposits, please first compare and compare bank endapan interest offer updates collected by the Bank Indonesia Money Market Information Center( PIPU) as of Thursday, September 12, 2019. AADEWA

For the one- month tenor endapan rate, Bank ICBC Indonesia and Bank Mayora had the highest bid of 6. 8%. Followed by the National Savings Bank( BTN) with an interest of 6. 4%.

Bank Mayora has the highest endapan rate for a 3- month tenor of 6. 6%.

On a 6- month tenor endapan, Bank ICBC Indonesia offers the highest interest rate of 7%.

To alat pemantau the development of bank endapan interest, please visit the channel: CONTACT Informasi CENTER

Then the 12- month endapan, the highest offer came from Bank CIMB Niaga and Bank OCBC NISP with an interest of 6. 6%.