Pawnshop Services

credit card / 10 September, 2019

Pawnshop Services

Lenders without interest are using the services of PT Pegadaian. Website Bandar Togel 313 Terpercaya .As the best-known government-owned company and pawnshop, you can use Pegadaian as a place for your loans without interest.

In a pawnshop, the prevailing system is capital rent, not interest. In addition, the pawnshop only provides administrative costs. This capital lease system is calculated every 15 days by 1.15 percent. If you refund less than 15 days, the capital rent will be lower.

You can get a loan to cover financial needs. The value of the loan received also depends on the value of the collateral that you will give to the pawnshop.

Some collateral items that can be used as collateral at Pegadaian include smart phones, electronic devices, gold jewelry, to motor vehicles.

These items will later be used as collateral and will be valued based on quality. After it is estimated, you can immediately get a loan.