Requesting Advances As To Speed ​​Up The Filing Process

Loan / 12 September, 2019

2 Smart Ways to Manage Household Finances

Other characteristics of money lending mode fraud is asking for a down payment as a condition so that the funds you borrow can be quickly disbursed. Website AADEWA Terpercaya. So for example, you will borrow IDR 10 million and then they ask for IDR 1 million or IDR 500 thousand if you want IDR 10 million to be disbursed in just one day. If this happens, it is certain that you are exposed to a personal cash loan fraud mode.

Whether it is banks, financial institutions, or fintech companies, no one has requested a number of funds as a condition to accelerate the process of loan disbursement. Usually the conditions requested are only a photocopy of KTP (Student Identity Card), NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), original salary slip or employment certificate, and a current account or photocopy of savings book for the last three months.