Sharia economy must be a positive catalyst

Bank / 13 September, 2019

Cina is racing to become a Mukmin clothing manufacturer. Australia and Brazil have become established suppliers of halal meat. Also, South Korea is trying to become the center of world halal tourism.

Rosmaya explained, currently Indonesia has only become a consumer of the worlds halal products. He explained, Indonesia is currently the champion in terms of halal food consumption and third in Mukmin mode affairs. Meanwhile, the subject of Indonesian tourism is in the maksimum five.

For this reason, Bank Indonesia wants to encourage the Islamic economy in Indonesia through madrasah and Micro, Small and Biasa Enterprises( MSMEs). Through the madrasah, Bank Indonesia is encouraging the development of the drinking water, rice processing, hydroponics, and fisheries secators. QQIBS

While in the MSME sector, Rosmaya divides it into several levels. In general, Rosmaya wants to encourage MSMEs to take advantage of digital facilities and mulai looking at export markets. Even though as a country with a potential Mukmin population, Indonesia should steal the cake in Islamic economic affairs. Later, Thailand is staying digadang prepare itself as the largest pemasok of halal snacks in the world.