Understanding Credit Cards

credit card / 7 September, 2019

National Credit Card

Credit card is a payment instrument that functions as a substitute for cash, where the tool can be used by consumers to exchange for various goods and services that are bought in places that can receive payments using a credit card (merchant).Website QQIBS Terpercaya ,

This is also in accordance with the understanding of credit cards written in Article 1 Number 4 of Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 7/52 / PBI / 2005 as subsequently amended by Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 10/8 / PBI / 2008 concerning the Implementation of Card-Based Payment Instrument Activities , that is:

“Credit Cards are means of payment , including spending transactions or  make cash withdrawals, where the cardholder’s payment obligations are met beforehand by the acquirer or issuer, and the card holder are obliged to pay off the payment obligation at the agreed time, either simultaneously (charge card) or in installments. ”

By looking at the provisions above, it can be said that a credit card is a legal payment instrument and is issued by the bank as a service to its customers (cardholders), where it is provided with an agreement or agreement between the two parties.