Use the Sharia system

Use the Sharia system / 11 September, 2019

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Ever heard of the term loan without money with the Islamic system? For example when making a loan at an Islamic bank, you will not be charged interest costs when paying.

Islamic banks use a partnership system in the form of profit sharing. Website QQIBS Terpercaya .This system is also called the contract model such as mudharabah and musyarakah, murabahah, salam, and istishna. There are also contracts related to rental activities such as ijarah, and pawning called Rahn or Qardul Hasan.

This method is certainly right for you who are looking for loans without interest to develop the business that is being undertaken. Indeed, Islamic loans do not recognize interest, but you need to calculate the amount of installments and loan periods. Profit sharing from the bank is included in the monthly installments.

You should carefully calculate the value of the funds that you get with the funds that you must return. Now there are so many Islamic financial institutions that offer this KTA Syariah product.

The amount of funds disbursed also varies according to their needs, and there are even banks that provide loans in the hundreds of millions.

Although it is clear that there is no interest-free loan system, with so many banks offering this KTA Sharia, you must carefully and carefully make the selection of Sharia KTA so that you can maximize the benefits provided by this KTA.